Tuesday, June 2

Some more things I've seen

It took 4 months to make one square inch of this rug (this image is about 6 inches high).  The rug was big... about 10'x15', and there were several in this room.  Crazy. 


  1. It is so fun to see all of your pictures. I am glad you are having fun. We miss you!



  2. Hey Sharon,

    I just spent a couple minutes looking at all the pictures, everyone in my house is sleeping (haha, Mike and Charlie)so I had a chance to do it. Anyways the pics are sooooo awesome. I mean it just seems like such a great time you guys are having. I'm so glad you're able to stay for a while and actually get to know people. Well it's beautiful and I wish I could be there. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.