Friday, June 26

Secret garden + broken sprinkler = now not so hot in Spain

After 7 weeks in Spain and 1 week in France, I'm back!  I'm still catching up on a bunch of pics, here are some from Spain.

At our house in Spain we had a backyard that Alex called a secret garden because it had brick walls all the way around and ivy/roses that were growing all over them.  Most of the pools in Spain didn't open till less than two weeks ago which is crazy considering that it has been over 100 F many times.  So, we improvised in our secret garden with our broken sprinkler hose.    
She likes to shake her head like a dog

and over
and over...

wow that is a lot of head shaking.

Tip-toeing over the water was also a fun game
along with putting a wooden spoon down her swimsuit...she is silly.


  1. these images are AMAZING! (not a surprise seing how YOU are amazing...)

  2. I LOVE These photos. It looks like you took them right out of a magazine! Alex is as cute as ever!