Saturday, June 13

La Rambla in Barcelona

La Rambla in Barcelona is a really popular street lined with vendors selling flowers, magnets, jewelry, you name it.  While I was mostly too busy trying not to get pick-pocketed (I heard that 80% of tourists that go to Barcelona get pick-pocketed and I was trying to be in the smaller 20%), I braved taking out my camera and neglecting my bag long enough to take these 5 lonely pictures...and these aren't all technically from La Rambla.  You really should click here to see a few more pics from Google images. 

This is from the flower section of the street, they were all so beautiful.
The rest of these were from an open air market right off of La Rambla.  It was really awesome in there, and extremely crowded.  So crowded that my friend Kristin was getting claustrophobic so we didn't spend much time in there.

Those suckers are real Chupa Chups.  Seriously.  They cost 9 euros and are HUGE. 
This lady gave me a very un-friendly look after taking this picture. 

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