Tuesday, June 16

Dancing the Sardana in Barcelona

After visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona one Sunday morning, my friend Kristin and I decided we had time to visit the Cathedral de Barcelona before we took our flight back to Madrid.  Little did we know we would be visiting the cathedral during the one hour a week that a live band was set up and playing on the cathedral steps while loads of people walking by stopped to dance La Sardana, a traditional Catalan dance.  I was in complete awe as I watched all sorts of people pile their belongings in the center of the forming group and dance, it was amazing.  These are not only my favorite set of pictures from my trip to Barcelona, but they are also my favorite memories.  I didn't film this, but you really should watch this clip here and see the dance in action and hear the band.  It's lovely.

The square was very crowded with many many onlookers
Here is the band.  Not that I know much about instruments anyway, but there were a few instruments I didn't recognize, I think they are traditional Catalunyan instruments

I love how this guy is just chilaxin' as he plays his instrument (what is that thing?), legs crossed and all.  Plus I had to put this picture on here because somehow I caught a pigeon mid-flight.

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