Thursday, June 11

I'm still designing

Although it may appear that all I do now that I'm in Spain is take pictures, not true!  I've been doing some freelance design work here.  And while I can't show pretty much any of it here on my blog because it is for companies that are coming out with the actual product sometime in the future, I can show this!

This is the back of a playing card that will be made into a deck of cards.  This guy I know, Justin, plays a game called "Pinochle" with his family a lot, and on the back of this card are a lot of the phrases that his family uses (or as I think he said "yells") at each other constantly while playing the game.  He is going to give a deck to each family member as a gift, isn't that an awesome idea?  I'd like to play this game with his family, it sounds really entertaining (read for yourself).


  1. Pretty awesome design if I say so myself.

  2. I am so in love with the card designs! Eye candy... that's all I can say.