Monday, May 11

Locals in Spain

I've been taking random pictures of locals in various cities in Spain.  You can tell by the fact that a lot of these pictures are of the side/back of people, that I didn't ask permission to take their picture.  If only I could speak Spanish better...I could actually ask them if I could take their picture and get someone looking at the camera!

This is a street performer in Granada.  Once he saw us tourists coming, out came the flames.
A few sweet old ladies at La Alhambra (in Granada). 

We went to a plaza to find dinner one night in Seville, and it was packed with people.  It was awesome.  Why don't we have plazas in the US?
A few school kids walking down a street in Seville.
This street performer played beautifully.  
This lady came out to the window when she heard all of us gringos outside. 

We went to an arabic restaurant in Seville (I know, you'd think we'd eat spanish food in Spain, but we'd had enough of that). 
In Spain, it is law that all people over the age of 60 go outside and walk the streets and sit on benches.  Well, it might not be law, but it certainly happens.  These oldies were enjoying some ice cream.  The elderly people here seem to have so much fun together!
While in line in La Granja to see some fountains, Alex was really tired.  She found a curb and sat by a bunch of Spaniard kids.  It was cute. 
Anyone for a late lunch in Segovia?
This is also of Alex with some little kids.  She is waiting in line in Segovia to ride the merry-go-round. 

Wow!  While walking to the palace in Segovia a procession of soldiers with a small band came walking by.  
Plaza Mayor in Madrid.  The place to be. 
The lady on the right is a friend of the family we're staying with in Spain.  She is so sweet. 

Some elderly friends in the Retiro (the grand park in Madrid). 


  1. Love the pictures Sharon! Looks like a great time!!

  2. It's so much fun to look at these. I love the old people. It's too bad the old people around here don't hang around outside. That's one of my favorite parts of Spain.