Sunday, May 24

A little Gaudi

Welcome to La Sagrada Familia, my favorite thing to see in Barcelona.  The construction of this Art Nouveau building started in 1882, and in 1883 Antoni Gaudi was commissioned to continue with the work.  He worked on this until 1923 when he was killed by a trolly car.  Even though he was a really well known architect at the time, he was dressed a little ragged and nobody recognized him and he died in a pauper's hospital 3 days later.  So sad!  
This first side is the side that Gaudi designed.  The other (shown below) was designed by a different artist after Gaudi's death.  You'll probably notice a big difference in the two styles.  This first side (Gaudi's side) is all about the life of Christ. 

Mary on the donkey, the birth of Christ. 
Christ being held by one of Herod's men.
The latin initials for Jesus Christ encompassed in an iron crown of thorns.
The other side of the cathedral, designed by several different architects.  The style is quite different.  You'll also notice the theme is based on Christ's death as opposed to Gaudi's "life" theme. 

They are still working on this cathedral even to this day!  It is supposed to be finished in 2026 or so.  
This is a good shot including all the cranes. 
More and more Gaudi to come!  Barcelona is full of his Art Nouveau architecture.

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  1. The first two pictures look a little like the mud castles I used to make at the beach by driping wet mut into little towers.

    I love the intricate details.