Sunday, May 24

Hotel u232

This is the first picture I took when in Barcelona last weekend.  That's what happens when you stay at Hotel u232.  You take pictures of their toilet paper.  I've stayed at some nice hotels before (The 4 Seasons and the like), but this hotel was so much better.  It had style.  
I love this floating sink.
A transparent chair?  I love it.

Plain white walls?  I don't think so.   Tacky bedspread?  Try white and tan striped.
I love how they have the number of the room in large letters painted on the door.
This is what you get to look at as you use their lobby computers.  All hotels should have this much style.  Thanks to my friend Kristin for picking out (and paying for!) this amazing hotel!


  1. It does have style. It's so funny the toilet paper is even styl'n.

  2. I love how us creative types take pics of random things like painted numbers on doors. Who else would get how cool it is? I always do this lol.