Thursday, May 28


In Granada a few weeks ago we went to a great flamenco performance.  It was a little place where instead of the performers being up on stage, they performed in the middle of the room, with all of us sitting on chairs around the edge of the room.  It was amazing.  We had front row seats (thanks to Jeff and Susie trading spots with us), so close I literally thought a couple times that they were going to stomp on my toes!  I'm surprised I got any pictures out of this event though, let me explain to you why.  Everyone in the room is sitting hip to hip (the chairs were small!), which made me extremely conscious of every move I made because I didn't want to disturb the person I was by...and Alex the squirmer was sitting on my lap which made for more movement than I wanted.  The tickets we bought came with a free drink, so everyone was holding tall glasses of Fanta, etc, (including Alex!) so that only meant more danger.  On top of that, the performance started at 10:30 pm, and although Alex loved the dancing (so much so that she has been coming up with her own flamenco dances now), by the time it hit about 11:30 she was dosing off in my lap.  So, with Alex balancing on my lap, me trying not to move too much to disturb my neighbor or to knock down someone's drink, and trying with one hand to manually change the lighting on my camera (and to even hold my heavy camera with just one hand), it turned out to be a pretty big task.
Needless to say, it was great, and Bill and I hope to go into Madrid and see another flamenco dance before we leave (but I think I'll have Alex stay home and sleep in her bed this time). 

The dancers were great, they keep such serious faces, it really made me feel sucked into the emotion of the dance.  I'm sure it helped that it was in such an intimate setting, too. 


  1. I am betting Bill was pretty tempted to get up and dance with them. Looks like you guys are having a great time. What a great experiance for Alex to have at her age. Keep posting pictures.

  2. Well I'm impressed. Great pics!