Tuesday, May 12

Alex in Spain

Here is a collection of pictures taken of Alex throughout our various Spain travels.  

In La Alhambra.  Archways of roses. 
La Alhambra.
And again
and again
Some awesome tile.
Alex really bored in Seville while we were trying to decide where to eat.
Still really bored
We went on a "cinderella carriage" ride
This is some awesome tile.  This is in The Royal Alcazar palace which is where a small scene from Star Wars II was filmed. 
Same Royal Palace in Seville.  
And again...

Cordoba in the Mesquita.  Why is this blue?  I'm no good at blogger.
This is in a beautiful cathedral with TONS of light up above which is really rare, so it is a quite overexposed.  
One of the best things about Spain are all the wild red poppies.  One of the other best things about Spain is watching Alex pick these wild flowers (don't worry...she only does it where other people won't miss them). 
Crazy root tree
An ancient ruin.  I wish I remembered where, I think it was built in the 12 century...but I'm probably remembering wrong.

What little girl doesn't want to go to a castle?  I don't know if that is a wave...or a salute...or just an "I'm happy to be here" hand.
A cathedral in Segovia had an open area in the middle with this maze of bushes.  Alex loved it.

In the Retiro again.  Don't you just want to touch those Dr. Seuss trees?
We live in Alcala de Henaras and we have to take a train to Madrid (about 30 minutes with all the stops) each time we want to go there.  This is the same train that was bombed by terrorists in 2004 killing 191 people (remember the London metro bombings?  These happened right before).
Cute little flamenca chica

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  1. I LOVE these! Especially the one with her on the wooden bench.It's still weird to see her with short hair.