Monday, May 4

Alcala & Segovia

Here is the first chunk of pictures.   I haven't photoshopped these at all...and even though I try to hold the camera straight...sometimes it is crooked.   These are just in the order that we saw them.  This first picture is a statue in front of the King and Queen's palace in Madrid.  Of course I forgot to take a picture of the palace...but there are other palace pictures in here. 
Last Saturday we traveled to Segovia.  This is a picture of a basic street there.
Segovia is known for their double aqueduct.  It is beautiful, and quite amazing that the romans could calculate the size of each stone...and build this ginormous thing.

We visited a old roman church, where I took these next 5 pictures. 

A view of Segovia (the part without the aqueduct). 

Segovia also has a gothic cathedral.  It is amazing.  

AND, Segovia has a palace.  Who would think that one little town could have so much.  It was a jam packed day.  This is the King (or Queen's) throne...of course not used anymore.  Excuse the tilted picture. 
A picture of the country side from the top of the palace.
By the aqueduct there is an amazing Merry-Go-Round.  

A view of the palace.  We were able to climb a very skinny staircase to the very top of this castle, it was awesome.  Some books even say that Walt Disney designed his main disney castle from this one.  (you can catch some similarities I'm sure.)

On the way home from Segovia we stopped in La Granja which had a Palace that we walked through and then viewed the fountains.

This is back in Alcala.  Spain has A LOT of graffiti.
Alex likes to "snuff" up these flowers to her nose.


  1. Great pictures! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!

  2. Did you get to drive under the aquaduct? I didn't think I missed Spain at all but these pictures made me really miss it. I love Alex's "snuff" picture.

  3. Great set of a ton of pictures -- thanks!!!!

    Love ya sis, and I hope you guys love it out there!!!


  4. Wow such and adventure. Alex is silly I love seeing her.