Monday, April 27

Espana or bust

We've been planning a trip to Spain for over a year...and it is finally here!  We'll be gone for two months, and we'll be spending our last week in Senlis, France.  I'll be taking lots of pictures, so be sure to check back often.  Speaking of pictures, about a week ago we realized we didn't have pictures for our abonos (bus passes) so I was summoned to take pictures for them. 
Here I am.  (I didn't take this picture of myself, my friend Rachel (below) did.)
And my husband
and daughter, Alex.
This is my friend Rachel
and her husband Josh
And their daugher, Zoe, who just turned 1 last week.
And of course Rachel's mom, Susie
and dad, Jeff.  
Suzie and Jeff are so awesome to let us stay with them in Spain for two months.  Who else is that nice?  (Okay, there are a lot of other nice people out there, too.)  Above are all the people who we'll be staying with the whole time we're in Spain (there will also be several visitors I don't have pictures of).  We are going to be in Alcala de Henares, which is just a short train ride away from Madrid.  I spent two months in Madrid with this lovely family 9 years ago, so I'm extremely excited to go back and see how everything has changed...or not changed.   Get ready for two months of amazing pictures!

Oh, and here is a friend, Kristin, who will be visiting us for two weeks.  We're going to take a girls weekend and head up to Barcelona in a couple weeks, but more on that later.
Adios, Utah!

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