Wednesday, March 4


See this lens?  I want it.  It is called a lensbaby spotlight.  It brings one area of your photo into sharp focus, then gradually increases the blur surrounding the sharp focus.  They aren't that expensive either, the cheapest version is about $100.  So, if you own an Canon or a Nikon and have an extra $100 (or more), you could own this science experiment looking lens. 

Take a look at this picture, awesome results, right?
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  1. That is a pretty cool picture. I just bought the Nikon D90 and love it. I am having a lot of fun playing around with it and figuring it out. I might have to look into this lens.

  2. great blog, sharon. i love your logo. and your cards and your photos. good luck with the etsy shop, i think that's a great idea.