Monday, March 9

Gifts from France

I have a friend who lives in Senlis, France and comes to visit every few months (she is my sister's sister-in-law).  She is awesome, and usually comes bearing gifts for either me or my daughter when she visits.  When she came back in November she gave me this delicious smelling soap.  The packaging is so beautiful that I still haven't opened it, I've just smelt it through the spiral wrapped tissue paper.  You can see some more pretty packaging from Roger & Gallet here if you'd like.

Her most recent visit in February she brought (amongst other things) this fabric baguette with all its fixings.  I love it (more thank my daughter, I think)!  She bought it at a small Haba store in her village.  I'd never heard of the brand before, but now I completely love it.  They make things like fabric ice cream, vegetables, a wooden cash register...lots of stuff.  The lettuce even has cellophane inside so it makes noise.  We're going to visit her in June and I plan to come home with some fabric cupcakes, yum!


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