Friday, March 20


I love DIY projects (Do It Yourself - it took me about a year after I first heard the expression "DIY" to find out what it meant!).   Here are some things I've semi-recently made.  I usually just make things without a pattern, and I don't have instructions for most of these because I don't think I could ever make them again, but towards the bottom of this post there will be some links for you to get your DIY on. 

I spent most of my nightly hours in the month of December making this quilt.  4 of the 6 fabrics are Amy Butler-the best fabric designer ever.  I can't remember what the other two are.  It took FOREVER but I really love it.
I made these books with a girl I used to work with.  She took a few book binding classes in college, and now every couple months we get together and she teaches me new techniques.  I'd have more samples that I've made on here, but I gave the rest of them away.

These car seat covers took about 40 hours to sew and I don't think I could ever figure out how to duplicate them.  I made these because my aging car was getting cracks in the leather seats.  I searched for months for car seat covers I liked and I finally gave up.  That is when I though to myself "I can make these, how hard can it be?"  So I started looking for fabric.  This is the first time I had ever used  Amy Butler fabric (found at the Corn Wagon Quilt Co), it was a little intimidating, but also really exciting to see them come together. 

I wanted curtains that would let in light, but also block our view from outside (straight into a parking lot).  I bought curtains from ikea, knowing they were way too big.  I then cut them up and added straps to the back side and made these curtains for the window by our computer desk.  

This Domo was a gift for my daughter last christmas (from me, I couldn't resist buying it).  Although is already quite awesome without a superhero costume, how great is he with one?

Again, I wanted an Ipod cover that was cute and not tech-y looking.  So, I bought more Amy Butler fabric and made this (again) with no pattern.  Although, Amy Butler has a pattern for an ipod cover on her website, I just didn't want to buy it so I made one myself that looks similar to it.  It turned out pretty good, just maybe 4 mm too wide.  

For this business card holder, I actually used a (free) pattern!  It's the first time I'd ever used interfacing, but it turned out really awesome. 

Here are some more DIY links, if you're interested:
Amy Butler Hourglass pillow  (basically anything Amy Butler is great, and there are many more patterns you can buy too)
Felt Tissue Holders by Martha Stewart
Buttercup Bag by Made by Rae
Mod Tissue Box Cover by crafty nest
Fabric Fridge Frame from How About Orange


  1. How lame is it that I haven't seen your quilt in person yet? It's amazing! As are you. I love all your projects and I can't believe you just taught yourself to sew. Just like that. No patterns or anything.

  2. Wow -- I'm impressed Sharon! I wish I could do some of those things.